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Jeep Teases Fourth New EV To Debut By 2025

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Jeep has released a new teaser photo for a new EV that will debut in 2025. The photo suggests that it will be a small crossover.

In September last year, Jeep announced it has plans to launch four new electric models by the middle of the decade. At the time, we had information about three of them – the Recon, Wagoneer S, and Avenger AWD. Jeep also briefly mentioned a fourth EV SUV is also under development but didn’t reveal anything about it. Today, we can finally share the first teaser image of that model.

Unfortunately, Jeep still isn’t ready to tell us more about the yet-unnamed battery-electric crossover. The only available teaser image shows what appears to be a small crossover hidden under a blue cover with the brand’s logo for EVs above it. This really isn’t very revealing but word on the street is this new electric product will be positioned in the lower segments and sold as a baby electric Jeep.

This information leaves us with two burning questions. Is it going to be smaller than the Avenger or bigger? And – more importantly – is it going to be available in the United States? Our educated guess would be that, if it is smaller than the Avenger, it won’t be sold stateside. The Avenger is considered too small for the US market and is currently available only in Europe.
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