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Jeep Teases Magneto 3.0 For Easter Safari

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Jeep has teased another electric concept vehicle for the upcoming Easter Safari. This time it's a new version 3.0 of the Magneto.

Let's see if it's more of a production version of an electric Wrangler.

The final teaser for what's debuting at the 2023 Jeep Easter Safari is here. It provides a glimpse of two more models coming to the event. There is the Wrangler Magneto 3.0 and what appears to be a retro take on the Cherokee or Wagoneer. The company says: "Both concept vehicles push the boundaries of electrification."

As the name implies, this is the third iteration of the Magneto electric Wrangler after bringing versions to the last two years of the Jeep Easter Safari. Where the original made 285 horsepower and 273 pound-feet, the 2.0 had a significantly higher 625 hp and 850 lb-ft. It had a six-speed manual out of a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. The drivetrain also has the automaker's Rock-Trac transfer case and solid Dana axles at both ends. Compared to a normal two-door Wrangler, the wheelbase was 12 inches longer.

Jeep eventually plans to offer a fully electric Wrangler. It's using the Magneto models as rolling testbeds for working out what a production version would be like.
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